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Book Release – August 13, 2011

"Gauchers en difficulté: La latérapédagogie, une richesse inexploitée" Pierre Téqui publishers are pleased to announce the release of this ground-breaking book

There are no less than 860 million left-handers in the world with 8 million in France, a percentage that has increased from 8% in 1980 to 13% in 2011.

Since left-handers are now allowed to write with their left hand and more often use ergonomically-adapted tools and objects, their numbers continue to grow. Nevertheless, some of them still seem to encounter obstacles to adjusting to Western cultures’ right-handed system, both psychologically and functionally speaking, especially when it comes to reading. Indeed, all writing must be read, and even comprehended, from left-to-right. In terms of cognitive processing, no real solutions are offered to left-handers to reinforce their dominant opening direction, right-to-left.

Moreover, being sure of correctly lateralized, even in a heterogeneous way, is still a real challenge for a large number of people, including many so-called right-handers. Right-handed people living in Eastern cultures are also “frustrated” in terms of reading, writing and thought processing.

Rehabilitating left-handedness and helping individuals become as well lateralized as possible within the context of their language and culture is the primary goal of the “laterapedagogy” approach developed by Joëlle Morice Mugnier.

This book is also written for parents, teachers and therapists (including speech therapists, graphotherapists, orthoptists, movement therapists, and relaxation therapists). It opens doors to still largely unexplored areas and suggests new subjects for future research.

Answering the question “what direction is your brain oriented toward?” is really a way of asking “what is the direction for your entire existence?” For true left-handers and well as those in process, right-handers who are actually left-handed and don’t know it, as well those who are truly right-handed or ambidextrous can now confidently proclaim:

“I’ve found the ‘right’ direction for my life – it was always there and I didn’t even know it!”*

* The French translation, “Le bon sens à portée de mains”® is a registered trademark.

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