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Concours Lépine

Joëlle Morice Mugnier, Laureate

Dear friends,

After applying for a patent to the INPI (National Industrial Property Institute) for my “Apparatus and procedure to facilitate the writing of a anti-lateral writer and the reading of such writing” or more simply “Double-sided whiteboard and notebook ®”, I have received with great surprise a letter from the President of Concours Lépine inviting me to apply. Following 12 full days at a salon and a visit from 3 juries... The results are... (drum roll)

World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO Gold Medal for Best Female Inventor, Trophy and Gold Medal within the Chamber & Senate category!

I wish to thank all those who have shown their support over all those years of research, as well as those who came to discover these laterapedagogy / lateratherapy tools at the Concours Lépine International Salon that took place as part of the Foire de Paris from the 27th April to the 8th May 2012.

...Happy days!

Joëlle Morice Mugnier

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