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Just a “minor” detail

A first-hand account by a 35-year old left-handed woman

“After my interview with Joëlle, we talked about the challenges facing left-handers in our society, and how they cope (reading and writing from left-to-right in a world made mainly for right-handers, etc.)

I am entirely left-handed and I explained the difficulties I’ve always had with writing and trying to quickly understand a text when I read. We did a test and I realized that my left-eye is dominant and is the one that I tend to prioritize, especially for reading. Joëlle then explained to me that it’s just a question of putting more energy into my right eye.

So I made an effort to pay attention to my right eye while reading. The result was almost immediate. I felt relieved because instead of “pushing the words” with my left eye to read, I pulled them along with my right eye. Over the following days, I could both read and understand texts faster.

By giving me the time to experiment, this “minor” detail that has been brought to my attention has literally changed my life and made it much easier!”

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A “minor” detail


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