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"How to help your child"

The How to Help Your Child Master Laterality guide is mainly to help parents, educators and teachers prevent the syndrome or symptoms of dyslaterality in children learning to draw and write.

Designed by Joëlle Morice Mugnier, a psycho-practitioner and lateratherapist, the guide helps left- and right-handed children adapt the direction of reading and writing to their own laterality.

It is based on the logic of two opening directions—from left to right and from right to left—on either side of the body (eye, ear, hand, foot) on which the concepts of laterapedagogy and lateratherapy are built.

Simple, practical exercises teach the child how to use the advantages of their difference to improve their reading and writing skills.

The method is progressive and fosters the child’s integration into the classroom, avoiding treatment by multiple specialists, which can be inconvenient for the child as well as the parents.

The laterapedagogy tools can be ordered online here. If you are in Europe, you can find them at Welcome to the world of laterality!

You can buy the guide online by clicking here

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