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The double-sided whiteboard ®

Video demonstration:

The double-sided whiteboard (L’ardoise double-sens®) is a registered trademark brand for what is commonly referred to as “mirror writing”, which is practiced by some left-handers and those with dyslexia. This educational tool is a patented invention, just like the tracing paper notebook using Canson brand paper.

It offers the same advantages as the tracing paper:

-  Left-handers in Western cultures can write from right-to-left and then turn over the board for the writing to be read in the conventional left-to-right direction.

-  Similarly, right-handers in Eastern cultures can write from left-to-right and then turn over the board for the writing to be read in the conventional right-to-left direction.

In Western cultures, the whiteboard also helps those with dyslexia:

• To see that when they write a “b” from left-to-right, it stays a “b” from right-to-left when they turn the board over. Same goes for “p”, “q”, “d”, and accent marks.

• To realize that having never before paid attention to their dominant right-to-left opening direction could be a contributing factor to their troubles. Indeed, many dyslexics are entirely left-handed (vision, hand, and foot), or right-handed for the hand, but left-handed for vision.

• To initiate rehabilitation of the person’s initial manual or visual laterality.

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