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Therapists and educators

“The place of left-handers in a right-handed world”

For professional associations and groups of educators and therapists (speech therapists, movement therapists, graphologues and graphotherapists, etc.) interested in training in LATERAPEDAGOGY / LATERATHERAPY, Joëlle Morice Mugnier leads custom-tailored, day-long awareness-raising and training sessions.

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Day-long training session for graphologists and graphotherapists in :

March 1, 2012 Lyons

May 4, 2012 Paris

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• Increase awareness of the impact of our left-to-right system in day-to-day life,
• Better understand how left-handed and dyslateralized people experience our right-handed society,
• Assess the impact of the right-handed system on the brain and the psyche,
• Present the basic concepts of laterapedagogy,
• Provide more specific solutions for problems such as dyslexia and dysgraphia.

Teaching methods:

• Exercises and experiments in pairs and small groups,
• Presentation of academic theories and concepts,
• Analysis of clinical cases,
• Innovative pedagogical and therapeutic approaches.

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