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Tracing paper notebook *

The tracing paper notebook is specially designed for left-handers who are more comfortable writing in their “opening” direction: right-to-left. Left-handers whose left eye is dominant will also naturally read what they write in the same direction.

Conveniently, this notebook allows their writing to be read by right-handers in their opening direction (left-to-right) simply by turning the page over. Writing on a regular basis in one’s opening direction helps stimulate the right hemisphere of the brain (known for intellectual capacities), thus recreating “normal” neurological connections. This way, left-handers can enjoy real a sense of kinesthetic, as well as cognitive, mental and psychological comfort.

A tracing paper notebook designed for right-handers living in Eastern cultures is currently being produced. It will allow these right-handers to write in the dominant left-to-right opening sense with the right hand, and then turn over the page for their writing to be read in the conventional right-to-left direction.


-  96-page A4 size notebook

-  Spiral binding is on the right side of the notebook to facilitate opening and writing from right-to-left with the left hand.

-  A lined white cardboard divider is included to help write evenly and provide an opaque background to counteract the translucent effect of the tracing paper.

Cautionary note:

Use in any school-based context should be prefaced by discussion with teachers to explain the notebook’s educational and therapeutic value. See the Testimonials for more information.

Video demonstration:

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